Amy Bogaard

Lecturer in Neolithic and Bronze Age Archaeology

Amy Bogaard’s research interests are in Neolithic and Bronze Age archaeology, looking at early farming practices and land use in Europe and western Asia, archaeobotany and palaeodiets.

Current projects include Cultivating Societies, which is examining the extent, nature and timing of Neolithic farming in Ireland; economic integration and cultural survival at Neolithic Çatalhöyük in Turkey, investigating the social and economic uses of the plant and animal domesticates that sustained occupation of the site in the seventh millennium BC; early farming in SE and Central Europe as a way of understanding the agricultural transition and its consequences; and crop stable isotope ratios, which provide a new approach to palaeodietary and agricultural reconstruction.


Recent Relevant Publications: 

Bogaard, A. 2012. Middening and manuring in Neolithic Europe: issues of plausibility, intensity and archaeological method. In R.L. Jones (ed) Manure: Historical, Archaeological and Ethnographic Perspectives. Farnham: Ashgate.

Bogaard, A. 2011. Farming practice and society in the central European Neolithic and Bronze Age: an archaeobotanical response to the secondary products revolution model. In Hadjikoumis A., Robinson E. & Viner S. (eds.) The Dynamics of Neolithisation in Europe: Studies in honour of Andrew Sherratt. Oxford: Oxbow Books, pp. 266-283.

Bogaard, A., Krause, R. and Strien, H.-C. 2011. Towards a social geography of cultivation and plant use in an early farming community: Vaihingen an der Enz, south-west Germany. Antiquity 85: 395-416.

Bogaard, A., Charles, M., and Twiss, K.C. 2011. Food storage and sharing at Çatalhöyük: the botanical and faunal evidence. In M. Benz, ed., The Principle of Sharing: Segregation and Construction of Social Identities at the Transition from Foraging to Farming. Studies in Early Near Eastern Production, Subsistence and Environment 14. Berlin: ex oriente, pp. 313-330.

Fraser, R., Bogaard, A., Heaton, T., Charles, M., Jones, G., Christensen, B.T., Halstead, P., Merbach, I., Poulton, P.R., Sparkes, D. and Styring, A. 2011. Manuring and stable nitrogen isotope ratios in cereals and pulses: towards a new archaeobotanical approach to the inference of land use and dietary practices. Journal of Archaeological Science 38: 2790-2804.