John Ingram

Environmental Change Institute
Oxford University Centre for the Environment
South Parks Road

ECI Food Systems Programme Leader

John's role is to develop and lead food systems research within Oxford’s Environmental Change Institute, with particular emphasis on the multiple two-way interactions between food security and environment.

John was, until 2011, the Executive Officer for the international research project, “Global Environmental Change and Food Systems” (GECAFS). In this role he promoted, coordinated and integrated international research related to the interactions between global environmental change and food security, as researched through analysis of food systems.

On the close of GECAFS, he was appointed NERC Food Security Leader, which involves identifying and promoting NERC’s contribution to the food security agenda. He also represents NERC on the UK Global Food Security Programme.

John worked, until recently, on the “Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security” (CCAFS) programme, developing regional socio-economic scenarios in East Africa, West Africa and the Indo-Gangetic Plains. These future scenarios look at how agricultural production and food security will change under climate change to help inform decision making under uncertainty.


Recent Relevant Publications: 

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