Nicholas Harberd

Department of Plant Sciences
University of Oxford
South Parks Road

Sibthorpian Professor of Plant Sciences

Nick Harberd’s research group investigates the ways in which environment changes plant biology over a wide range of timescales.

Research topics that have most relevance to the food system include:

  • Plant responses to environmental stress: salt-stress.This research involves investigations with Arabidopsis thaliana (a type of cress) and wheat with the ultimate aim of improving the salinity-tolerance of diverse agricultural crops, since salt-stress is a major global threat to the yields of crop plants.
  • Wheat: homeoallelic transcript balance, environmental effects and salt-tolerance. This research on wheat focuses on understanding the regulation of gene expression at a genome-wide level, with special reference to the effects of the environment on gene expression.

Recent Relevant Publications: 

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Sauret-Gueto, S, Calder, G, Harberd, N.P. (2011) Transient gibberellin application promotes Arabidopsis thaliana hypocotyl cell elongation without maintaining transverse orientation of microtubules on the outer tangential wall of epidermal cells Plant Journal. 69 (4): pp 628-639.