Oliver Pybus


Department of Zoology
South Parks Rd

Professor of Evolution & Infectious Disease

Oliver researches the epidemiology and evolution of infectious diseases, and is currently investigating influenza A viruses in poultry and swine.

He is a member of the European Surveillance Network for Influenza in Pigs and of the UK Combatting Swine Influenza Consortium. He uses virus genome sequences to track the transmission and dissemination of different virus strains, both locally and internationally.


Recent Relevant Publications: 

Bhatt S, Lam TT, Lycett SJ, Leigh Brown AJ, Bowden TA, Holmes EC, Wood JLN, Brown IH, Kellam P, COSI consortium, Pybus OG. 2013. Rapid adaptation of swine influenza virus after cross-species transmission from birds. Phil Trans Roy Soc B In press

Pybus OG*, Perrins CM*, Manvell RJ*, Schulenburg B, Sheldon B, Brown IH. 2012. The ecology and age structure of a highly pathogenic avian influenza virus outbreak in wild mute swans. Parasitology In press

Lycett SJ, Baillie G, Coulter E, Bhatt S, Kellam P, McCauley JW, Brown IH, Pybus OG, Wood JLN,  Leigh Brown AJ, COSI consortium. 2012. Estimating reassortment rates in co-circulating Eurasian swine influenza strains. Journal of General Virology In press

Vijaykrishna D*, Smith GJD*, Pybus OG*, Zhu H, Bhatt S, Poon LLM, Riley S, Bahl J, Ma SK, Cheung CL, Perera RAP, Chen H, Shortridge KF, Webby RJ, Webster RG, Guan Y, Peiris J. 2012. Long-term evolution and transmission dynamics of swine influenza A virus. Nature 473:519-222

Lam TTY, Zhu H, Smith DK, Guan Y, Holmes EC, Pybus OG. 2012. The recombinant origin of emerging human norovirus GII.4/2008: intra-genotypic exchange of the capsid P2 domain. Journal of General Virology 93:817-22

Lam TTY, Hon CC, Lemey P, Pybus OG, Shi M, Tun HM, Li J, Jiang J, Holmes EC, Leung FC. 2012. Phylodynamics of H5N1 avian influenza virus in Indonesia. Molecular Ecology 21:3062-77

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