Owen Lewis

Professor of Ecology, Fellow & Tutor in Biological Sciences at Brasenose College

Owen is a community ecologist and conservation biologist.

His interest is in the processes that maintain, structure and threaten biodiversity, and the consequences of changing biodiversity for ecosystem functions and services. He works both in both ‘natural’ ecosystems (particularly tropical forests) and in agro-ecosystems (including British farmlands). Focal organisms include dung beetles, tree seedlings, and herbivorous insects and their parasitoids.


Recent Relevant Publications: 

De Sassi, C., Lewis, O.T., Tylianakis, J.M. (2012). Plant-mediated and nonadditive effects of two global change drivers on an insect herbivore community. Ecology, in press

Staniczenko, P.P., Lewis, O.T., Jones, N.S. & Reed-Tsochas, F. (2010). Structural dynamics and robustness of food webs. Ecology Letters, 13: 891–899.

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Lewis, O.T. (2009). Biodiversity change and ecosystem function in tropical forests. Basic and Applied Ecology, 10, 97-102.

Tylianakis, J.M., Tscharntke, T. & Lewis, O.T. (2007) Habitat modification alters the structure of tropical host-parasitoid food webs. Nature, 445, 202-205