Tara Garnett


Environmental Change Institute
Oxford University Centre for the Environment
South Parks Road

Food Climate Research Network

Tara Garnett initiated, and runs the Food Climate Research Network, now based at the Environmental Change Institute.

Her work focuses on the contribution that the food system makes to greenhouse gas emissions and the scope for emissions reduction, looking at the technological options, at what could be achieved by changes in behaviour and how policies could help promote both these approaches. She is particularly interested in the relationship between emissions reduction objectives and other social and ethical concerns, particularly human health, livelihoods, and animal welfare. Much of her focus is on livestock, since this represents a nodal point where many of these issues converge.

Tara is keen to collaborate through the FCRN with other organisations to undertake research, organise events and build and extend interdisciplinary, intersectoral knowledge in this field.


Recent Relevant Publications: 

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