Tom Thornton

Environmental Change Institute
Oxford University Centre for the Environment
South Parks Road

Director, MSc Environmental Change & Management & Senior Research Fellow

Tom’s research interests are in the sustainability and local management of indigenous food systems.

He is interested in the conflicts between subsistence foodways and industrial and protected area development, particularly in coastal ecosystems.

Tom is director of the MSc in Environmental Change and Management at the Environmental Change Institute.


Recent Relevant Publications: 
  • Thornton, T. F. and Maciejewski Scheer, A. (2012, forthcoming) Local and Traditional Knowledge and Marine Environmental Change: A Review. Ecology and Society.
  • Thornton, T. F. (2012) Watersheds and Marinescapes: Understanding and Maintaining Cultural Diversity Among Southeast Alaska Natives In Water, Cultural Diversity & Global Environmental Change: Emerging Trends, Sustainable Futures? B. R. Johnston, et al, eds. Springer: UNESCO-IHP.
  • Bhagwat SA, Breman E, Thekaekara T, Thornton TF, Willis KJ. (2012) A Battle Lost? Report on Two Centuries of Invasion and Management of Lantana camara L. in Australia, India and South Africa. PLoS ONE 7(3): e32407. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0032407
  • Thornton, T.F. (2012) Haa Léelk'w Hás Aaní Saax'ú: Our Grandparents' Names on the Land. Sealaska Heritage Institute and University of Washington Press.
  • Thornton, T.F. (2011) Already Here and Rich. IN Eldorado! The Archaeology of Gold Mining in the Far North. Edited by Catherine Holder Spude, Robin O. Mills, Karl Gurcke, and Roderick Sprague. University of Nebraska Press. (forthcoming)
  • Thornton, T. F. (2011). Language and landscape among the Tlingit. IN Landscape in Language: Transdisciplinary perspectives, Mark, David M., Andrew G. Turk, Niclas Burenhult and David Stea (eds.), 275–289. John Benjamins Publishing Co.
  • Thornton, T.F., Moss, M.L., Butler, V.L., Hebert, J, and Funk, F. (2010) Local and traditional knowledge and the historical ecology of Pacific herring in Alaska. Journal of Ecological Anthropology 14 (1):81-88.
  • von Glasenapp, M and Thornton, T.F. (2011) Traditional Ecological Knowledge of Swiss Alpine Farmers and their Resilience to Socioecological Change. Human Ecology. DOI 10.1007/s10745-011-9427-6