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Professor of Behavioural Medicine

My research focuses on behavioural medicine. This is the intergration of biological, psychological and sociological knowledge to prevent and treat disease and to aid rehabilitation.
My work focuses on helping people change their behaviour, either to prevent serious disease, or as a treatment for that disease.  
A lot of my work has examined interventions to help people stop or reduce their smoking and lately I have worked in helping people manage their weight if they have become obese.  

Weight gain associated with smoking cessation: Are we anywhere nearer a solution?

Speaker: Dr Deborah Lycett, Coventry University

Time & Date: Wednesday 29th January, 10.30-11.30am

Venue: Room 2, Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, 2nd floor, New Radcliffe House, Walton St, Oxford

What is the extent of weight gained as a result of quitting smoking, and how does this vary across individuals?

How do the health risks balance in view of the benefits of smoking cessation and the resulting weight gained?

How effective are the different strategies to prevent cessation-related weight gain, including their effect on quitting success?

What are the limitations of the evidence so far? And, being pragmatic, what should we tell patients?

All welcome!

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