Food SIVI – understand the true costs and benefits of the food system


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Food SIVI – understand the true costs and benefits of the food system

Date posted: 13 January 2020


Impact valuation in the food system means accounting for the true costs and benefits of food system activities beyond their financial value. Despite being a highly efficient and valuable sector, the food industry as a whole creates negative societal, environmental and health impacts or externalities.

These are not costed into the financial value of food. When these externalities are valued and internalised, they can enable fundamental change. Valuations align the market dynamics of food and agriculture toward the social and human wellbeing targets of food system transformation. Internalising costs through improved products and practices, information, and intervention can lead to a significant contribution to food system transformation and be a significant opportunity for leading companies. 

FoodSIVI brings together academia, industry and civil society to improve impact valuation methods and promote the development of standardised and comparable valuations. The end goal is accelerating food system transformation. We perform research on food impact costing. See our report “Valuing the Impact of Food: Toward practical and comparable food system impact valuation”.

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