Meet LEAP researchers at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition

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Meet LEAP researchers at the Royal Society Summer Science Festival

Date posted: 29 June 2023


The Royal Society Summer Science exhibition offers a chance for anyone curious about science to talk to over three hundred scientists about their exciting and novel research. It is one of the most prestigious science public engagement events, having taken place in the heart of central London for more than 200 years.  

This year, researchers from LEAP will be on the forecourt outside the Royal Society building, inviting visitors to Meat Your Persona. Housed in an eye-catching yellow horsebox, Meat Your Persona allows visitors to discover more about how their meat consumption might impact their health and the environment, and opens up conversations about meat production and consumption with a wide audience. The installation features an engaging quiz, interactive activities, plant-based recipe cards, and summary factsheets of LEAP’s research.

Lucy Yates, Public Engagement Coordinator for LEAP, said: “The Royal Society Summer Exhibition will be a great opportunity for our researchers to find out what people know about the impact of their diets and to answer some of those tricky questions visitors might have about the most significant changes we can make to what we eat in order to look after human and planetary health.”


Rachel Ashwanden, Meat Your Persona Tour Manager, said: “I feel very lucky to have spoken and listened to so many different people in the North of England, and in Scotland and Wales, about their relationship with food – I’m really looking forward to continuing these conversations with visitors to the RSSSE!”

Meat Your Persona won the University of Oxford Vice-Chancellor’s Innovation and Engagement Award, alongside its sister exhibition Meat the Future, in 2022.  

LEAP will be at the Royal Society from Friday 7 July – Sunday 9 July. Entry is free and no booking is required. Full information can be found on the Society’s website.